How to buy Tomb
Before we are able to make our TOMB purchase, we first need to transfer Fantom into our wallet from any CEX supporting FTM.
Lets use Binance as an example.
  • Make sure you have Fantom (FTM) in your Binance wallet, if not, purchase FTM on Binance.
  • Go to your wallet, look for FTM and click on Withdraw.
  • Copy/Paste your Metamask FTM Wallet address.
  • Please choose the FTM (FTM Chain) and insert the amount you want to send to your FTM Wallet.
  • Please note there is a small transaction fee of 0.01 Fantom (Yes this is incredibly cheap), for transferring FTM from your Binance wallet to your FTM Metamask wallet.
  • Now press submit and wait for your FTM to arrive in your FTM Metamask Wallet.
Oh and did we forget to mention that FTM-transactions are one of the fastest on the Blockchain and are almost instant!?
Now that you succeeded in transferring FTM into your Metamask wallet, please go to, go to Exchange and swap your FTM for Tomb.
If Tomb does not show up on the Exchange, please use the address provided below to purchase Tomb. Simply copy/paste the address.
Tomb: 0x6c021Ae822BEa943b2E66552bDe1D2696a53fbB7
Congratulations, you are now a happy Tomb holder.
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